Please re-enroll (or enroll) Kroger Community Rewards!

Thank you so much for those who supported AF-CADRE via Kroger Community Rewards.

Now it is time to re-enroll (or those who haven’t, enroll) so that Kroger keeps donating to AF-CADRE as you shop at Kroger.

Please go to their website:

log-in, and click “my account”.  At the bottom of the page you will see the organization you support.  If you are already a supporter of AF-CADRE, simply click “Re-enroll”, then choose search “AF-CADRE” or organization #number 93647

If you are a new supporter, basically the process is the same.  Just choose AF-CADRE as your organization!

Thank you so much for keep supporting AF-CADRE so we can provide services such as Summer Fun for Special Kids!

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